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About Me

|| Cinematography
|| Filmmaking
|| Graphic Design 

Hey there, name's Jae. I started tinkering with cameras and video early as 12 years old.  It always starts with something simple, seeing viral youtube videos caught my attention like every kid in 2014, but for me it drew me to dabble in video production and editing ever since.  In High School I took a digital editing class in my Sophomore year and found a real passion for the whole process. I directed and won the Tarrant County Teen Public Announcement Video 1st Place Award in my Junior year as well as Best Music Video award that year at Ben Barber Innovation Academy. In my Senior year I competed in the Skills USA regional and was awarded an invitation to the State competition that was cancelled due to COVID. My childhood being filled with a love for animation and non-stop action in media has inspired me to make it a mission for myself to bring elements from those mediums to the lens. I continued my studies at Media Tech Institute in 2022 and will graduate with an Associate Degree in Digital Film & Video in April 2023.  

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